Safety Tips for Avoiding New Coronavirus

At present, the new coronavirus is spreading all over the world, including the United States, Britain, Russia, Canada and Australia, and so on. The number of confirmed coronavirus cases has reached 115,501 and the death is 4087 on 3 /10. The new case in the United States is 173 and a total of 755. The most serious place is in Wuhan, China, but it is well controlled by the China government. Fortunately, we got some suggestions from Zhong Nanshan (The Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering). I hope these suggestions can help you to avoid getting infected.

  • 1. When there is a fever or cough, please seek medical treatment timely, do not treat by yourself, and remember to go to the hospital or find a doctor to receive regular treatment.
  • 2. Be sure to wear a mask when going out. At least wear a medical-grade mask to prevent the virus from invading
  • 3. Wash your hands and take a shower frequently. Keeping it clean can reduce the chance of virus invasion
  • 4. Don’t press the elevator with your hand. This doesn’t mean that pressing the elevator with your finger will lead to infection unless you have a bruise on your finger. Mostly because you will touch other things with your hands, like food. If you press the elevator with your finger, just wash your hands
  • 5. Try not to trade in cash, because cash can be touched by a lot of people, and you’re not sure if your money has the virus. The news in China is that the 4 billion RMB of cash that the Chinese central government has put into Wuhan city is sterilized in the sterilizing cabinets and then sent to be used
  • 6. Change your clothes and take disinfectant when you go home
  • 7. Keeping the air circulating, because the airtight will increase the speed and distance of the virus
  • 8. When the weather is good enough to bask in the sun, with ultraviolet radiation sterilization.
  • 9. Keep exercising, eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water, detox, and boost your immune system
  • 10. Stay positive. Sometimes willpower can be invaluable in fighting disease
  • 11. Avoid going to parties and crowded places to avoid cross-contamination
  • 12. Don’t stay up late and go to bed early, it can also improve the immune system
  • 13. Don’t smoke. Smoking can irritate the respiratory tract
  • 14. Eating cooked food, the new coronavirus can be killed at 56 degrees, so eating cooked food is safer.
  • 15. Try not to take public transportation. In the past, we advocated green travel and suggested taking buses or the subway, but now public transportation is a crowded place, which will increase the risk of infection, and the air is not good
  • 16. Don’t touch and eat wild animals, especially bats, turtles, pangolins, etc
  • 17. Do not have sex with strangers. Yesterday, according to the report from CBS, a new study in Shangqiu Municipal Hospital in China found covid-19 coronavirus in the semen of severely infected men, so which will increase the risk of transmission

In the last, I hope the outbreak ends soon, and then you and your family can go out into the world! If you think this article is useful, please forward or share it with more people! Best regards!


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