STD Friends

STD Friends is an online dating site that aims at helping people with STDs to find love and friendship with other singles online. Members on suffer from many kinds of sexually transmitted diseases and this online dating club provides those people with a platform to chat with other members, also you can choose to meet or date them to develop your further relationship.


Standard Member is free to join in. Standard members have access to some of the site’s features. In order to use all the functions, users need to upgrade their membership. As for the Upgrade Membership:

  • 1 Month – $24.95
  • 3 Months – $54.95
  • 6 Months – $79.95

Top Features

  • STD Friends is a dating community that aims at helping singles with STDs find love and friendship.
  • Free to join in and gives members access to the large database of users who sign up with STD Friends.
  • View other users’ requirements by checking their profiles.
  • Set up your own profile with complete pictures, to share information about yourself with others.
  • Email other users using the site’s in-site email service.
  • Send a ‘greeting’ to break the ice and say hello.
  • Use email to share your profile.
  • “Befriend” a user to add them as a friend, just like you would on Facebook.
  • Give comments on other users’ profiles.
  • Read articles about STDs and how to control them.
  • Add memberrs to the block list and favorite list
  • Photos – check out other members’ image galleries.
  • Chatroom lets you connect with other members.
  • Upgrade your membership can get full access to all the functions.
  • Support FAQs and customer service.

Users’ Experience & Editor’s Verdict

STD Friends is an online dating site that aims at providing singles who suffered from std with the best online dating services. All the members of STD Friends suffer from many kinds of sexual diseases and this online dating site provides those people with a platform to date, meet, and chat with other sufferers.

STD Friends is free to sign up and create your own profile, some of its features can be used, and do not have to pay a penny, which makes STD Friends welcome by many new online dating members, so if you’re interested in joining STD Friends, read on to find out more about this site.

Using STDFriends is not difficult (although it may take a while for your profile to be approved), build your complete profile with photos and more information they wish you to do.

To some degree, this site operates as a social site like Facebook, with members being able to “friend” other users to build a connection with them and receive updates on changes to their profile. Similarly, users can make comments on other members’ profiles and photo albums.

Finally, users can manage their communication with other members on the STD friend site, they can build their own list to block the members or add the members to their favorite list. provides users with some additional features that can help members who suffer from STDs. First of all, users can read some content and information about their illness and STD care nearby, also all the users can get help from the symptoms advice; Secondly, users can use the search features from the large database to find their partners or friends by using the elements, like which disease the members suffered from and which place they are located in. Finally, the site’s online chatroom gives the users the opportunity to know and chat with other users, they can share each others’ STD experiences, STD support, and STD cure advice.

However, some features of STD Friends make it down, that is the time is too long to approve membership, even if it is over 48 hours, it produced some bad effects on its customer service.

Our last verdict is the membership fee of STD Friends- nearly $80 for a half-year membership; the price is quite high than many other sites we have reviewed in this same field.

Although it is a little cheap than PositiveSingles, compare with the database and features, maybe it is not the best choice for you to build a serious and long-term relationship.

Unfortunately, has been closed. if you are looking for a high-quality herpes dating site, we recommend you can try PositiveSingles.


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