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Doctors have a busy schedule and their work demands a lot of commitment and patience. Doctors, therefore, prefer to date or marry someone from their profession. Common interests lead to better understanding and help in building a solid relationship. Here is where a doctor dating site comes into play. Many rich doctors across the globe register themselves on single doctors dating site to find their love. Moreover finding a soul mate on these sites is simple, just register with your details and start searching for a like-minded person! Here is a list of rich men from the medical profession:

1. Patrick Soon Shiong $13 billion

He is a South African-born American surgeon who is also a medical researcher and professor. He is the founder of NantWorks which is intended to look into the new treatments for cancer. He is also reputed for donating huge sums of money to several universities and organizations.

2. Thomas Frist $9.1 Billion

The second richest man in the medical industry, Thomas Frist worked as a flight surgeon for the U.S Air Force but made most of his money through several business ventures. He was the President and CEO of the Hospital Corporation of America; he now heads the aircraft company Tomco II LLC and Galen of Florida INC as the President.

3. Phillip Frost $4.9 Billion

This rich doctor earned his MD from Albert Einstein College of Medicine and is now in several pharmaceutical and nutrition-based businesses. He is also well known as a philanthropist.

4. Gary Michelson $1.4 Billion

This philanthropist is one of the rich men in the medical fraternity. He is a certified orthopedic surgeon and inventor that has made notable contributions to medicine. He holds a patent for several medical devices and procedures used for rectifying spinal injuries.

5. James Andrews $100 Million

This guy earned millions by providing specialist services for ligament repair. Most of his patients are sports stars. He is an athlete too and is reputed as the best orthopedic surgeon when it comes to injuries caused due to sports.

6. Terry Dubrow $30 Million

He is a rich plastic surgeon, and also a Television personality. He has worked on shows such as “Botched” and “Good Work” to remove the social stigma associated with plastic surgery.

7. Leonard Hochstein $20 Million

Based in Miami, this Russian-born plastic surgeon specializes in facelifts, body contouring, and aesthetic surgeries. He has performed over 10,000 surgeries throughout his career.

8. Robert Rey $15 Million

This Brazilian-born rich doctor is a famous plastic surgeon. He is a medical correspondent for NBC4 News and The Insider. His featured show “Dr 90210” became a hit in the Beverly Hills, California.

9. Garth Fisher $15 Million

This plastic surgeon makes it to the list of top rich men in the medical industry. He specializes in nose, face, and breast surgeries. Several celebrities have benefitted from his services.

10. Paul Nassif $14 Million

This doctor specializes in rhinoplasty and scar-free facelifts. He became famous with the hosting of “Botched’. The Lebanese- American surgeon is also a celebrity for sure.

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