Would You Like To Date Someone With Herpes

Date someone with herpes
Is it ok to date someone with herpes?

Fear is the most dangerous feeling that can ruin any relationship. When you have fear in your heart, you cannot have a healthy relationship. And fear exists when you are not with someone who totally understands you and accepts you the way you are. What would you do if the person you are dating confesses that he or she has herpes? Would you panic? Stop dating? Or ignore it? Sure, the topic of herpes is a sensitive one. However, if you are already dating a person who confesses to having it, there are other factors that you have to consider. Dating someone with herpes is not a completely negative thing.

This is why it is sensible to date a person with Herpes when you already are the one with Herpes. Not only can you relate to each other more, but the constant fear that exists in you would also vanish. There are several advantages of dating a person with Herpes, which you at times fail to consider. Below are mentioned some of the great advantages:

  • Utmost understanding: People with Herpes can relate to the dangerous feeling. For them forming relationships is quite intimidating, as there are several fears attached. Such people always feel scared and let down when they date a person who is not having Herpes There arise many problems owing to the different mindsets and expectations. However, the best part about someone with Herpes is that you can relate and connect to them more than to any other person. With both of you dealing with the same condition, it becomes easier to understand and support each other all throughout.
  • Complete transparency: In a relationship with someone who does not have Herpes, at times you would try to hide your medical condition or the complexities. With the constant fear in the mind of losing that person, there are chances of not sharing each and every detail. But, when you date a person with Herpes, you would share the minutest of details and would get maximum involvement from them in every phase of the condition.
  • No or fewer chances of transmission: The risk of transmission often damages the relationship between a Herpes person and someone who does not have Herpes. But, when you date someone with Herpes and get intimate with them, there are very low chances of transmission of the virus as it is already within both of your bodies. With no uneasiness or despair, you both can enjoy your time with each other.

There are Still Some Things That You Need to Know When Dating With Herpes

BETTER UNDERSTANDING HERPES: First, you need to know what herpes is. For one, even though it may sound like a very scary disease, it actually has the least damaging long-term effects among all sexually transmitted diseases. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should just take it lightly as well. Reality dictates that there are actually millions of people all over the world who are infected with either herpes 1 or 2. Some may have herpes showing on their mouths and some on their genitals. As a matter of fact, it has been found that about 80% of those who are infected with herpes do not actually know it. Therefore, even before you start judging the person you are dating, you may even have to also ask yourself whether you have it or not.

THINGS TO CONSIDER: When dating people with herpes, there are things that you need to consider as well. Are you seeing yourself having a long-term relationship with the person despite the condition? Herpes is not a fatal condition, so spare the worry. That person will always be the same person you have liked. Herpes is not really an indication of an immoral lifestyle because it does not mean that he or she sleeps around with just anybody. Herpes can even be transmitted even when a condom is used.

As long as you take suppressive medications daily, the chances of passing the condition to a partner actually decrease to up to 73%. Medication, coupled with the use of a condom can decrease the chance even further. Therefore, dating with herpes at the back of your mind is something that you really do not have to worry about.

Another thing that you need to know is that the longer that a person has herpes, the more infrequently these outbreaks happen. Most often, the first year of the infection is the most active, but outbreaks may happen about every three or four months. Later on, the body develops immunity. Indeed, there is life after herpes. Even though it is contagious, it is not the most important thing that you need to focus on. Dating someone with herpes is something that can still be exciting.


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